The Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust

Registered Charity No: 700447 England


To many, the millennium (the year 2000) is going to be a big affair - the dawn of a new millennium could be the start of a new era for Sierra Leoneans - not something everyone gets to see during their lifetime.

I am optimistic that the changing of the year could bring with it a host of major developments for Sierra Leone in particular, Africa and the developing world in general. Are we going to be able to meet the challenge? Are we prepared to contribute to making our beloved Sierra Leone better in the future?

We can seriously consider making the millennium year a very special time. As many of us from around the world who can, should return to Sierra Leone to celebrate and pay our respect to family, friends and fellow Sierra Leoneans. School organisations can plan reunions of past and present pupils' functions (I suggest a concert for my Secondary Technical School) to help raise funds for our alma mater. This will also help Sierra Leone in a positive way to progress.

The goal is to 'improve on previous best' in terms of peace, unity, freedom and justice for our homeland. I believe if we go home for the year 2000, this will provide a unique opportunity to appreciate once more, the splendour of Sierra Leone; for school friends who now live and work all over the world to meet-up once more and to reminisce about "the good old days".

By Ronald A. Lisk-Carew