The Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust

Registered Charity No: 700447 England

The Race Course Project: Final Report

APPEAL LAUNCHED ON SUNDAY, 20 MAY 2012 at Church of The Holy Trinity, Kissy Road, Freetown.
By Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust, Registered Charity No: 700447 England
In collaboration with TUMAC Sierra Leone
And consultation with Freetown City Council.
31 July, 2014 – Final Report

Hi All:

Praise be to God for the successful completion of the Race Course Cemetery gate and its erection; for how far the project has gone and for team-work.

The Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust, (Registered Charity No:700447 England) supported by concerned citizens have completed a good number of fence panels at the Race Course Cemetery, Cline Town, the final resting place of several prominent people.  Amongst them are The Hon. Justice C.O.E Cole (First President of Sierra Leone), Lady Rebecca Stevens, Hon. Dr Davidson S.H.W. Nicol, Ven. Archdeacon Thomas B. King, Nancy Dolly Steele, Alfred Akibo-Betts and Ebenezer Calendar.

The damaged panels were repaired and the majority of the work has been completed with only a few areas left.  Our work had to stop as Freetown City Council has started levying registration fees on owners of all grave sites of the Freetown municipality, monies to be used for the fencing and maintenance of cemeteries.

We need to ensure that our historically important cemeteries will not be ignored anymore and some of the monies collected by Freetown City Council will be spent on upkeep of our cemeteries.  Freetown City Council must also address the continued abuse of the cemetery particularly as a dumping ground for waste striped by people using the Race Course Road as a Scrapyard.

In this final report, I wish to acknowledge once more, and extend my thanks to the concerned citizens for funding this project, and also the workforce and volunteers for their support in honouring our dead.

Ronald Andrew Lisk-Carew, Chair, Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust, Registered Charity No:700447, England.


17 April 2012 -- Meeting with Acting Mayor and Acting Chief Administrator, FCC.
20 MAY 2012 -- APPEAL LAUNCHED at Church of The Holy Trinity, Kissy Road, Freetown.
First stage of project -- cutting of large trees that were lining the front boundary of Race Course Cemetery.
Second stage -- removal of tree stumps.
30 May 2012 -- The third stage started with the purchase of twenty (20) trips of sand and one hundred (100) bags of cement for the beating of blocks.  One hundred and eighty-eight (188) bags of cement produced four thousand and sixteen (4016) blocks.
19 June 2012 -- The fourth stage, the “turning of the sod” ceremony and commencement of foundation work by The Acting Mayor of Freetown in the presence of all the stakeholders in the community.
20 April 2013 -- The Race Course Project: Review

31 July, 2014 -- Final Report.


  1. Sierra Leone Bicentenary Trust
  2. TUMAC Sierra Leone
  3. James International (Overland Cargo Specialists)
  4. Anagkazo Ventures, Freetown
  5. Mount Aureol Freight, London
  6. Rokel Shipping Company, London
  7. Mrs Joy Samake' - Balmaya (SL) Limited
  8. Mrs Adelin Hannah Ibilola Cole (Nee Lisk-Carew)
  9. Mrs Admira Jenkins (Nee Lisk-Carew)
  10. Miss Darryl R. Lisk-Carew
  11. Miss Esther O. Lisk-Carew
  12. Prof & Mrs Victor Strasser-King
  13. Mrs Olive Williams (Nee Labor)
  14. Mrs Naomi Adesimi-John
  15. Ms Nancy Jarrett
  16. Ms Doris Davis
  17. Mrs Olga Spring
  18. Mrs Pamela Somolu (Nee Jarrett)
  19. Ms Evangelina Robinson
  20. Mr & Mrs Denis Thomas
  21. Mr Wachuku Vidal Wadiike-Williams Zima
  22. Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Greywood
  23. Ms Lina Rashid
  24. Mr & Mrs Marcel McEwen
  25. Mr Jacob Femi Galba-Bright
  26. Mr Moses Bunmi Davies
  27. Anonymous